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Belassi x Boatside Event

On the occasion of the Monaco Grand Prix, we offer you the possibility to learn more about Belassi’s newest Marine Hypercraft. Our team will give you the opportunity to try this amazing water toy in the Monaco Bay, and to familiarize yourself with it. These tests will take place throughout the duration of the Grand Prix, and if you are a speed and trhill seeker, you wouldn’t want to miss this event.

Belassi, born of their passion for outstanding performance, created a brand new and unparalleled class of recreational water vehicle, the Marine Hypercraft. Combining iconic design and high-precision engineering, every one of these vehicles is a true masterpiece.
The headquarters is located in the heart of Austria where the company lays the foundation for their own engine development, product design and engineering.
Everything is prepared, from the production to painting.

The Burrasca is the result of research and attention to details, to deliver high performance and thrills while driving. This engine is capable of going from a standstill to 100 km/h in less than four seconds and reaching an exhilarating top speed of approximately 130 km/h. It is the perfect combination between ultimate performance and effortless elegance.

All handcrafted in Austria, the Marine Hypercraft is composed of carbon and glass fiber fabric. The engine is a MPU 320 with 3 cylinder, 4 stroke with a performance of 320 HP, 1602 cc of displacement and an open loop cooling.

Moreover, you can build your own Burrasca.
Indeed, you have the posisbility to customize it to make it even more unique.
Accessories are also at your disposal, such as the riding vest or the raceseat which is a high performance race seat ergonomically formed.

Embark on an adventure where boundaries are crossed to expand your horizons !

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