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Corsica is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea where many tourists go because it has an idyllic sea with its transparency and turquoise blue. 
Nowadays, travelling is very complicated, so the French are the main tourists on this "île de beauté" because it makes them think of being abroad, far from their routines... 
Sardinia is also a popular destination for tourists with its clear, turquoise sea, just like Corsica.

DAY 1 : CALVI - GIROLATA (27 Nautical Miles)  

Calvi is a town on the northwest coast of Corsica. It is known for its beaches and its half-moon shaped bay.

Must-do activities: 
- The citadel of Calvi: A walk in the citadel area and along the ramparts offers many views of the town and the sea, and is a must-see! 
The port: The port is another important tourist site in Calvi. Along the quay Landry, you will find many trendy bars and restaurants with a direct view on the boats and the beach of Calvi in the distance.
The old town of Calvi: The cobbled streets here are lined with numerous shops selling local crafts and souvenirs. 
Amongst the must-sees in this part of Calvi, we advise you to visit the church of Sainte-Marie-Majeure: in baroque style, it has a façade coloured in pink and beige. It is a free access.
- The beach of Calvi: During your stay in Calvi, you will certainly want to take advantage of its immense fine sandy beach stretching for almost 4.5 km. Starting at the entrance to the port and bordered by the pine forest, it offers miles of places to lay your towel and relax. It is ideal with children as the water is shallow for several dozen metres.
- Canyoning in the Fango valley, at the Mélaghia or at the Ruda, the 3 best places to practice this activity near Calvi. 
- Rafting down the Golo river

DAY 2 : GIROLATA - AJACCIO (30 Nautical Miles) 

Girolata is a unique village not to be missed! 
It will allow you to admire the charming boats that have come to anchor in its port, which is very popular with yachtsmen who come to discover Corsica by boat. 

Must-see things to do: 
- The village: As you walk up the main street, you reach a stone promontory. Don't miss the chance to take a look at it: it offers a superb view of the gulf.
- Beaches: Visiting the Gulf of Girolata is an opportunity to enjoy some superb wild beaches. The beach in the centre comes to mind, which allows you to enjoy both the atmosphere of the village and the beauty of the surrounding countryside. However, the most beautiful beach in the area is certainly the long and wild Tuara beach. Unusually, cows often come to walk on it. A real wonder of nature!
- The fort and its Genoese tower: The fort is a must-see when visiting the Gulf of Girolata. It is one of the hundreds of defensive towers that were built on the Corsican coast during the Genoese period in the 16th century.
- Snorkelling: Those who want to take advantage of the preserved nature of the site will be able to go on a snorkelling trip thanks to this cruise... Indeed, visiting the Gulf of Girolata gives access to waters rich in biodiversity.

DAY 3 : AJACCIO - BONIFACIO (50 Nautical Miles) 

Ajaccio has many assets to seduce you, such as the sea, the mountains but also the heart of the city. The particularity of Ajaccio is that there is indeed something to satisfy all types of people and tourist desires: whether you are curious about history and discovery, whether you prefer strong sensations and excursions, or whether you prefer to rest by the sea, there is something for everyone! 

Must-do activities: 
- Go to one of the beaches: Trottel, Barbecaja, Ariadne, Marinella or Ricanto

- Visit the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Ajaccio: Built between 1583 and 1593. Small and colourful, Ajaccio's cathedral has a very original architecture, quite different from what we are used to seeing in the rest of France.

- Visit the Place de Gaulle: A sort of "border" between the old town and the new districts of Ajaccio, the Place de Gaulle, also known as the Place du Diamant, holds a central position in the town, not far from the Casino and facing the sea. 

- Take the customs path: an exceptional setting awaits you while taking a short walk. This trail is one of the region's must-do hikes.

- Golf d'Ajaccio


The town of Bonifacio is located in the south of the island. It is a natural site. With its rich historical heritage, arid landscapes not far from the scrubland and secret coves, Bonifacio is THE picturesque destination on the island of Beauty. 

Must-see things to do: 
- Stroll around the marina: It offers a spectacular panorama. It is the major attraction of the lower town of Bonifacio. 

- Climb Saint-Roch: This is a must-do walk, if you like walking, you won't be disappointed when you get to the top. 

- Hiking on the coastline: If you're looking for some great hiking in Bonifacio, there are two exceptional trails, accessible from the old town. 
You will be able to observe beautiful landscapes plunging into the sea

- Stroll along the Haute Ville: The Haute Ville offers a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. You can walk through the small streets of the city centre, which has a thousand year old charm of narrow streets, aqueducts that span the buildings, high houses with white facades. 

- The Lavezzi Islands: You can reach them with your yacht, hundreds of meters off the coast, you can observe the houses clinging to the void, the huge cliffs, the caves cut by the waters, the old imperious city.


The Maddalena is a municipality in the province of Sassari in Sardinia, Italy. 

Must-do activities: 

- Visit the town of La Maddelena: this small seaside resort is a pretty and colourful town where we find many souvenir shops and restaurants. A pleasant stroll along the harbour or through the narrow streets is a possibility.
- La spiaggia di Tegge: a nice spot with rocks in the water and quite photogenic
The Carlotto: a small cape where the Madonnetta chapel is located on the seafront. You will find small coves that are not very popular, but it is better to have shoes for swimming because there are a lot of rocks.
- Bassa Trinita beach: one of the most famous beaches of La Maddalena and therefore one of the most frequented. White sand and turquoise water!
- La spiaggia di Monte di Rena: a large sandy beach which is quite busy so I advise you to stop just before. You will have the possibility to go down on a small beach less known.

DAY 6 : PORTO CERVO - PORTO ROTONDO (14 Nautical Miles) 

Porto Cervo is a Mediterranean tourist village-marina, hamlet of the municipality of Arzachena in the province of Sassari in Sardinia, Italy. Porto Cervo is a kind of Italian Saint-Tropez.

Must-do activities: 

- San Pantaleon: San Pantaleo is a very small village in Sardinia, located in the mountains, a few kilometers from Porto Cervo. It is one of the prettiest villages on the Esmeralda Coast, its streets are perfectly preserved, as is its romantic and bucolic chapel.
- Beach Liscia Ruja: Beautiful beach with crystal clear water and white sand. One of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Smeralda. To reach it, you should go through a dirt road of the province Abbiadori-Romazzino. 
- Discoteca Ritual: Do you want to relax and party? We have found the perfect place! A disco built into the granite rock. 


And to end your trip, you can discover Porto Rotondo which is a frazione of the municipality of Olbia, in the north east of Sardinia.
To finish your trip, you can relax on the beautiful beaches surrounding Porto Rotondo.



Brocciu fritters are a great classic of Corsican cuisine, a culinary speciality to die for, to say the least! They have a texture that is both crispy and soft. They can be accompanied by a little tomato sauce for extra indulgence!

These little sweets are ideal for the aperitif, served with a small orange wine or for a light meal, accompanied by a salad and a glass of rosé. Herb tarts have a shortcrust pastry base and a filling of chard (or spinach), cream, aromatic herbs and, for added indulgence, brocciu.

The Fiadone is THE speciality of the Island of Beauty, a classic of Corsican pastry. It is a lemon flavoured flan in which the famous brocciu is the main ingredient. It is eaten well chilled, sometimes sprinkled with brandy or lemon liqueur.

Also called "Corsican veal", it is the star dish of the Ventulella. 

If you are a fan of good charcuterie, you will be served in Corsica! Here, traditional Corsican charcuterie is made exclusively from pork. Among the essential Corsican charcuterie are Coppa, Lonzu, Prisuttu (raw ham), Figatellu (liver sausage) and sausage.

This is the typical Sardinian pasta, or at least the shape of these small pasta is typically Sardinian. The malloreddus or Sardinian gnochetti can be cooked in different ways.

These are large, plump ravioli with a potato and cheese filling. They are often eaten with a tomato sauce. Culurgiones are a classic of Sardinian cuisine and can be found on the menu of many restaurants. 

This is THE Sardinian cheese par excellence, made from sheep's milk. Grated or shaved onto a pasta dish or pizza, thickly sliced on bread, pecorino is a real marvel if you like cheeses with character! It is also a must for aperitifs. 


Focaccia is another must-have in Sardinian cuisine, also known as white pizza. It is simply a pizza dough without toppings that is eaten as an aperitif with cured ham or other Sardinian cold cuts, olives and cheese! There are many different recipes and you will be surprised to discover the taste of focaccia in Sardinia.

In Sardinia, if you wander a little bit off the coast, in the mountain villages or on the small roads, it is not uncommon to come across herds of pigs raised in the wild. That's why Sardinian sausages are so good!


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