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INTERVIEW: Charles-Michel Leke, Sales Business Developer

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into the Yachting industry:

I am Charles-Michel Leke sales business developer at Yachtside group since now 2 and half.

I always have been passionated about High Luxury above all Yachting & Private jet industries. In 2018 I had the opportune to visit the Singapore Yacht Show, this is when I realized that I wanted to work in this Wonderfull industry.

Being back to France I decided to make a Master in Luxury in the University of Monaco, and after the master Yachtside gave me the opportunity to have my first yachting experience. And here I am.

What do you think makes Yachtside special?

Yachtside Group is not one of the biggest companies in the Yachting industry in Monaco, however it is a very dedicated company with a lot of experience, thanks to Philippe Chadel, the founder of the company who has been in the industry for over 30 years now (Shipyard, sales, design etc...).
We are specialize in the sale of boats from 10 to 30m, with a large database of customers and industry professionals.
We are dedicated to making our clients' dreams come true.

What gives you the highest level of job satisfaction?

My greatest professional satisfaction is to convert the customer's dream into a real boat sale, and to see the smile on their face at the end of the sales process. There is no better feeling.


For you what makes a good yacht broker ?

For me a good broker is someone that can understand his clients needs, and find the right products at the best price possible for this need. Everything is about to make our client happy, both side, buyer and seller!

How did you manage the COVID-19 crisis?

We handled the covid crisis quite well to be honest. We had to adapt to the new situation first, coming up with creative ideas like the 3D tour, videos etc., but we did it quite well and we have been working quite normally since then.

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