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Come aboard one of our private yacht charters for a unique getaway, in complete privacy and off the beaten path.
Here, Yachtside presents its favorite destinations for summer yacht charters that will delight travelers of all ages.
Croatian Islands, Greek Islands, Amalfi coast, Corsica, Sardinia: discover the most spectacular gems of these five paradise places with Yachtside.


Hydra Gulf

Discover the new Greek Riviera. Located in the Saronic Islands, this archipelago offers wonderful cruising grounds, unusual beaches and an incredible historical wealth.
Hydra is an idyllic island with breathtaking landscapes.
The unique appeal of this splendid island is that the boutiques, cultural activities and tavernas haven't changed much over the last few decades. This brings a touch of the "real Greece" to Hydra. It's not difficult to see why some many people visit the island year after year anchoring their yacht in the tiny, picturesque port.
The other islands are Elafonisos, Monemvasia, Nafplio, Ermioni, Spetses and Porto Heli.
Discover hidden coves and bays, enjoy summer art exhibitions and escape...


Head to Santorini, the Greek island of pristine beauty with its typical whitewashed houses with blue domed roofs overlooking the sheer cliffs that line, the Aegean Sea.
Admire the magical sunsets of this majestic Cycladic island.
A crewed yacht charter in Santorini is also perfect for those who wish to relax on the beach, as the island's coastline is dotted with beautiful black volcanic sand beaches and crystal clear waters.



Get ready to discover the "Island of the Winds", the most famous island of the Cyclades and a focal point of the international jet set.
Beautiful whitewashed houses, crystal clear waters, breathtaking views and a vibrant nightlife: Mykonos is the must-see destination of your stay in Greece!



The island of Paros is the perfect place for those looking for a slightly off-the-beaten-path experience. Although a more discreet destination than Mykonos, Paros is everything you would expect from a Cycladic island. Charming whitewashed houses, small chapels, golden beaches, crystal clear waters, all bathed in the characteristic light of the Aegean Sea.

Paros has many different towns, whether you choose a lively nightlife or a quieter atmosphere, you will certainly find it here. The main village is Parikia and the more cosmopolitan Naoussa, one of the prettiest villages in the Cyclades.



Visit the world famous village of Oia - Thira

Visit the famous village of Oia, in the north of the island, universally known for its troglodytic dwellings suspended in the void and its churches with colorful domes. From the village, the view on the caldera is sublime. In short, Oia is THE postcard of Greece.

There are also a number of archaeological sites, including the ancient Thira, a 9th century BC Doric fortress-city on a southern coastal promontory and farther south, the fascinating excavations underway at Akrotiri.

Mykonos : restaurants and beach clubs

Relax on the idyllic beaches, discover the island's charming towns and their local restaurants and of course the bars and beach clubs to dance the night away. It's no surprise Mykonos is one of the most sought-after destinations among Greece's islands.


Paros, an authentic Greek restaurant

Dive into the sparkling water in the morning, then explore the bustling cities after lunch at an authentic Greek restaurant.


Hydra Gulf
Moussaka (a layered dish with ground meat, potatoes and eggplant), pastitsio (pasta with ground meat and bechamel sauce), paidakia (Greek lamb chops), stewed beef stifado, loukaniko sausages, dolma (grape leaves stuffed with meat), tefteli and louza (cured pork) are only a small part of meat delicacies on Hydra

Santorini :
Tomato Gefthedes (tomato fritters), Greek salads, fresh-caught seafood and Saganaki (fried cheese in filo pastry covered in honey).

Mykonos :
Artisans produce local specialties like kopanisti (a soft, spicy cheese) and louza, while the very best tavernas serve squid that was caught that same day, in many cases just hours before it reaches your plate

The Malvasia, Mantilaria, Aidani, Savvatiano, Malagouzia and many other grape varieties are grown here producing fabulous wines that can be enjoyed with tasty dishes. Many menus here have a seafood focus, with traditional recipes from the owners’ grandmothers, including mussels, orzo with shrimp and stuffed grape leaves.

The closest airports

Santorin, Héraklion, Mykonos and Paros. 



All arrivals must provide a negative test result or proof of full vaccination.
Negative tests must have been taken within 72 hours of departure, must be written in English and include the name and passport number of the person traveling. This does not apply to children under 10.

All travelers must complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) prior to departure. This includes details of where the individual has been and the address they plan to stay at in Greece. Each PLF includes a unique QR code which must be scanned upon arrival at the Greek border.
The QR code will tell you whether you need to have an additional test done at the airport. If you do, you must self-isolate until you have the results -- around 24 hours.


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