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Announcement Partnership : Belassi

Our partner Boatside just announced a new partnership with the innovative brand, BELASSI.
Belassi is a marine hyper craft manufacturer. It is in their roots to go further and faster. From development to customization and service, their Hypercraft Marine offers a unique and emotional attitude to life that combines technical sophistication with the best craftsmanship. 


Infinite temperament requires maximum precision, state-of-the-art technology and passion to control it. Marine Hypercraft by Belassi combine these attributes in a unique masterpiece that redefines the limits of what is possible over and over again. The attention to detail is evident in each of the over 2,000 parts. The Marine Hypercraft surpasses what it promises on every ride and the mere sight of it stirs waves of excitement even before it picks up speed. Embark on an adventure where boundaries are crossed to expand your horizons.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information

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