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Come aboard one of our private yacht charters for a unique getaway, in complete privacy and off the beaten path.
Here, Yachtside presents its favorite destinations for summer yacht charters that will delight travelers of all ages.
Croatian Islands, Greek Islands, Amalfi coast, Corsica, Sardinia: discover the most spectacular gems of these five paradise places with Yachtside.

Corsica is an ideal Mediterranean yacht charter destination, offering all that you would expect from the Med in summer: clear blue waters, fantastic cuisine, beautiful beaches and seaside towns, and thousands of years of history...



One of the most beautiful bays in Corsica is Girolata, a beautiful, fortified sanctuary found at the southernmost end of the Scandola Nature Reserve. It is one of the emblematic destinations of Corsica, often seen on the cover of many Corsica guidebooks. The dramatic setting with the small village on a peninsula surrounded by the sea and running up the high mountains in the famous red rock of the region, make for a very impressive and scenic location.  It is the perfect place to relax and unwind on anchor during your holiday!


Admire the fascinating, practically untouched capital of Corsica and discover the birthplace of Napoléon Bonaparte.


Bonifacio is a narrow peninsula of white limestone that is ideal if you're looking for a picturesque anchorage. The beautiful Haute Ville offers winding streets with Genoese architecture and rises out of sheer, weathered cliffs. Its natural port offers plenty of restaurants and shops and is frequented in the summer by yachts from throughout the Med. Being on the southern tip of Corsica, Bonifacio is also an ideal location to explore Sardinia and the beautiful La Maddalena National Park.


Lavezzi Islands

Turquoise or emerald depending on the brightness and the colour of the sky, the clarity of the water is astonishing. The clearest in Corsica without a doubt ! This is the ideal place to browse and spend a lazy day enjoying the Mediterranean sun. Many trails lead to the exploration of different islets and coves where the landscapes are uniquely dominated by the grey of the rounded rocks overlooking the islets.



Calvi is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and the main gateway to the Balagne region which is one of the most beautiful regions of Corsica.
The clarity of its waters and the richness of its architectural heritage make Calvi a "beauty spot on the Isle of Beauty" and the activities are numerous: a walk on the navy, a visit to the citadel, a sea trip to the Revellata peninsula or a hike to the sanctuary of Notre Dame de la Serra are all opportunities to discover an exceptional panorama on one of the most beautiful gulfs of Corsica!



Le Désert des Agriates

Situated between la Balagne and St Florent, this stunning area of natural beauty include several deserted beaches including Saleccia and Loto. These beaches are considered some of the finest beaches in the area with picturesque sea, sand and tranquility. Paradise!


Scandola Nature Reserve

Created in 1975, this World Heritage Site on the Southwest of Calvi is an extraordinary sight. Unreachable by car and by foot only reachable by crossing very high mountains, the best way to visit this stunning area is by boat!  Striking rock formations emerge from the sea to create idyllic scenery along the coastline packed with jagged inlets and caves. The Scandola reserve has established seal and dolphin colonies and after great efforts by conservationists, Ospreys are becoming established in this area!


Bonifacio : The King of Aragon's staircase, the "Grain de Sable

The staircase of the King of Aragon dug into the side of the cliff, the iconic Grain de Sable, the cave of Napoleon's hat also known as the cave of Saint Anthony, the coves of Fazziò and the natural beach of Paragan.

Diving in the Lavezzi

If you’re a fan of diving, the Lavezzi Islands are perfect. 10 small islands consisting of secluded beaches, coves and pools offer some of the most exquisite diving opportunities in the area; and are easily accessible with tender.

La plage de Palombaggia

Cette plage spectaculaire est l'une des plus belles de l'île. Ses eaux peu profondes en font également un paradis pour les enfants.
Palombaggia offre un panorama grandiose sur les îles Cerbicale. Ces cinq îles dénudées, appréciées des oiseaux et souvent mordues par les vents, sont classées réserve naturelle.
Cette beauté naturelle s'étend au sud, jusqu'au Cap d'Acciaghju, le long des plages de Cala di Lume, Tamaricciu, et Folacca. Sur une quinzaine de kilomètres s'entremêlent des plages de sable fin et des criques sauvages, pigmentées de pins parasols d'un vert vif et de rochers roses plongeant dans une eau turquoise étincelante.

The beach of Santa-Giulia

Located 7 km south of Porto-Vecchio, the Bay of Santa Giulia, known all over the world, is a real lagoon with turquoise and clear waters overhung by white sand.
The view on the Cerbicales islands from Santa Giulia and the granite rocks in the middle of the scrubland give a wild aspect to this beach.
Santa Giulia remains a site not to be missed for idleness and relaxation but also a privileged place for sailing and water sports in an enchanting site.


Civet de sanglier (Wild boar casserole)
Arguably, the signature dish of Corsica. This is a rich, hearty casserole with the “gamey” flavour of boar, mixed with onions, carrots, garlic, chestnuts, fennel and generous quantities of eau de vie and, of course, red wine forms a fundamental part of the recipe.

Veau aux olives (Veal with olives)
A popular slow cooked stew, full of flavour with tender veal, olives, tomatoes, onions and herbs from the maquis as well as a generous dash of white or rosé wine

Agneau Corse (Corsican lamb)
Usually slow roasted with whole garlic cloves, fresh rosemary and potatoes, this traditional dish seldom needs accompaniments!

Look out for red mullet (rouget), sea bream (loup de mer) and crayfish (langoustine).
Oysters (huitres) are particularly recommended in the east and trout caught in the unpolluted rivers is a good alternative to meat inland.


Essentially a cheesecake, but with a twist! Fiadone is a traditional recipe using Corsican brocciu cheese, eggs and chestnut flour that is then flavoured with lemon zest and eau de vie. Normally served chilled, this is a delightful finish to an evening meal.

Flan a la farine de chataigne (Chestnut tart)
A very simple, yet tasty dessert combining the staple ingredients of a typical Corsican recipe – chestnuts, eggs and eau de vie.

Corsica produces several very good wines.
The grape harvest is still often cut by hand, and visiting a vineyard for an afternoon is a pleasant expedition.
As a quick guide, wines from Patrimonio, Ajaccio and from near Sartène are outstanding, and the Domaine Vico wines are notable.
Producers from across the island travel to the Corsican Wine Festival in Luri, Cap Corse, in mid-July each year to show off their award-winning wines.

Also worth tasting are the local fortified wines, such as Muscat made from the delicious pale Muscat grape, or the darker, sweetish herb-rich Cap Corse.

Taste the corsican myrtle liqueur, the grass of the maquis.

The closest airports

Figari sud Corse Airport
The southern airport of Figari sud Corse is the most popular private jet airport on Corsica, due to its close proximity to the luxury resort of Porto Vecchio, also known as the St Tropez of Corsica.

Calvi Sainte Catherine Airport
Calvi Sainte Catherine Airport is situated just 7km from the resort of Calvi. This is the closest airport for those travelling to northern Corsica and the la Balagne regions.

Bastia Airport
Situated 17km from the resort of Bastia, this is another airport option in the north-east of Corsica, popular for the resort and yacht marina of St Florent.

Ajaccio Campo dell'Oro Airport
The closest airport to the capital, at just 5km east of Ajaccio, the airport also serves the Valinco and the west coast of Corsica.



Any person aged 11 years and over wishing to travel to Corsica must have :
- Either the result of a PCR test less than 72 hours prior to travel or an antigenic test less than 48 hours old. The only antigenic tests that can be validly presented are those allowing the detection of the N protein of SARS-CoV-2; self-tests are not accepted for travel
- Proof of immunization status (full schedule, see above).
- And a sworn statement that he/she has no symptoms. For minors, the parent fills out the certificate in the child's name and signs for him/her at the end, indicating "the mother" or "the father".

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