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Come aboard one of our private yacht charters for a unique getaway, in complete privacy and off the beaten path.
Here, Yachtside presents its favorite destinations for summer yacht charters that will delight travelers of all ages.
Croatian Islands, Greek Islands, Amalfi coast, Corsica, Sardinia: discover the most spectacular gems of these five paradise places with Yachtside.

Considered an outstanding example of Mediterranean landscape by UNESCO, the Amalfi Coast is one of Italy's most memorable destinations. Here, the mountains plunge into the sea in a breathtaking vertical setting of sheer rocks, cliff-hugging mansions and verdant forests.



Situated between Positano and Amalfi, Praiano is a pretty area to explore.  Wander along the coastal path at Marina di Praia, admire the beautiful churches, enjoy a late-night party at the famous Africana nightclub or simply relax on a lounger on the pebble beach with a glass of Campari and soak up the views before taking the tender back.


Positano, one of Italy's crown jewels, is ideal for those seeking a picturesque seaside paradise. You'll be blown away by the colorful cliffside villas overlooking the sunny Amalfi coast. The sound of the waves breaking against the pebbled shores sounds like a sweet melody to beach lovers. Strolling along its sloping streets, you will find charming cafes and stores with a cosmopolitan atmosphere.
Incredible landscapes await you at every corner of Positano.


Amalfi is one of the main resort towns on the coast and filled with history as it was the seat of Southern Italy’s maritime republic from the 9th century for two centuries.  Attractions for yacht charter guests include visiting the Amalfi Cathedral (Duomo) and the maritime museum, the Arsenal of the Maritime Republic.



Ravello sits high above sea level and is a must-see place to visit when on yacht charter, especially for the panoramic views and to see the refined gardens at Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. 



The beautiful beaches

Popular Amalfi Coast beaches include Marina Grande in Positano, Marina Grande at Amalfi, Marina di Vietri at Vietri sul Mare and Duoglio Beach just past Amalfi.  If you feel like a day ashore, many of the Amalfi Coast beaches have sun lounger rental and restaurants. We like Spiaggia del Cauco and Arienzo beach just out of Positano.


Grotta dello Smeraldo : Grotte d'émeraude

Grotta del Smeraldo, also known as the "Emerald Cave", was named for the characteristic green light that comes out of the cave. It is due to the natural sunlight that enters the cave through an underground passage connecting the salt water lake located in the huge chamber to the sea. 

Villa Rufolo in Ravello


This 13th century villa has magnificent terraced gardens that hang over the sea and once inspired the German composer Richard Wagner.

Built on top of a cliff by the influential Rufolo family, Villa Rufolo is a magnificent estate of towers, exotic plants and terraced gardens with a splendid view of the Gulf of Salerno. Several popes and royalty have stayed in this 13th century palace.

Villa Cimbrone Gardens

Villa Cimbrone is a historic villa located on a rocky outcrop known as "Cimbronium", from which it takes its name. Located in Ravello it is believed to have been built at least as early as the 11th century AD.
It is a private, five-star hotel and a popular destination for weddings. The gardens are open to the public, and it is one of the most memorable sites on the Amalfi Coast.
Gore Vidal described the villa as "the most beautiful place I have ever seen in all my travels. Indeed, sitting atop a promontory, the villa offers a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean and the coastline.


Gli Scialatielli All’Amalfitana
Scialatielli is a type of pasta that originates from Amalfi town in the Coast. The pasta itself is fatter and shorter than spaghetti. Interestingly the name of this pasta comes from the combination of two words in the local dialect which mean ”To Enjoy” and ”The Cooking Pan”, so how could you go wrong?
The main sauce that goes with this pasta is seafood of course! The usual mix is made up of Calamari, Mussels, Shrimp, and clams. You can also throw in some cherry tomatoes and parsley, and the food gods will thank you!

Pasta All Limone
The history of the Amalfi Coast and lemons goes back 1,000 years when Amalfi was a strong maritime republic. During this period they not only cultivated lemons, but were overall a powerhouse when it came to trade. Remember that the Knights of St. John (in Amalfi) were the precursor the Hospitaliers who rivaled with the knights templar as a monastic warrior culture.

The “Pizza of Tramonti”
Do you know the pizza of Napoli? It is one of the best-known pizza schools in the world. But there also exist the pizza of Tramonti, not too far away, inside the Amalfi Coast. It has its own style, own taste, own ingredients and own cooking procedure. In fact, the pizza school is recognized by the Italian De.CO. accreditation for the municipality of Tramonti and is a label for the origin of products, together with the Re Fiascone tomato for pizza. Traditionally from Tramonti is also the “Fior di Latte” mozzarella cheese, available at “Antica Latteria” in Tramonti. If you are somewhere around the coast, we definitely recommend you to go to Tramonti and have a pizza.

Totani E Patate Alla Praienese
Definitely, food to try in the Amalfi Coast.

Delizia Al Limone
This amazing dessert will light up all of your senses and have you craving for more.
It is the ultimate in combining sweet and sour together and that is why it is a food to try in the Amalfi Coast.
One of the kings of desserts that are ubiquitous in the entire coast and therefore is definitely on this list. While many Italians will attribute this dessert to Naples, the history actually goes back much farther in time. Tradition has the dessert going back in time to India and Persia, but the current version probably originated in Paris, France, in the 19th century.
When you order this dessert, get ready for shock of sweetness from the cake and a bit sour from the rum ( yes, these are soaked in rum.). Sometimes they will serve them with whipped cream or even stuff them with cream. It is a perfect way to finish a meal.


The Amalfi Coast may not be as famous as Tuscany for its wine, but the Campania region has some great vineyards – we recommend if you fancy a shore excursion to book a day with Swirl The Glass Wine Tours that leave from Positano, the owner Christian is locally born and the head sommelier at La Sponda, the Michelin-starred restaurant at legendary Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano.

You can find this drink all around the country, but the best you can find is in the Amalfi Coast. The reason being is that it is all produced here. To make limoncello you need lemons. And the best lemons come from Sorrento and the rest of this coast.

The closest airports

The nearest airport to the Costiera Amalfitana is Naples International Airport “Capodichino”.



The entire Italian territory is subject to a curfew from 11 pm to 5 am. Masks must be put on at all times and gatherings are forbidden both indoors and outdoors.

Any traveler with a negative test (PCR or antigenic) for Covid-19 dated less than 48 hours prior to arrival will be able to enter the country for leisure travel.

To do: 
Complete a form prior to your travel to the country.
In addition, report to the authorities in the area where you are going.
Present a negative result of a molecular test (PCR) or antigenic test less than 48 hours old (vaccinated persons also)


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