YachtSide Monaco is proud to be partnering with Luxury Lifestyle Experts, a London based lifestyle management company dedicated to assisting ultra-high net-worth individuals navigating the world of luxury. 
Luxury Lifestyle Experts Ltd (LLE) keeps their clients’ interests at heart, ensuring they receive access to the best services, goods, products, food, experiences and VIP treatments in Europe and beyond.
With the founder having over 10 years’ experience working for some of the most luxury oriented brands such as Harrods, Four Seasons and BMW Group, along with working for the most illustrious families on the planet including royal families, LLE can be your trusted lifestyle partner in ensuring you experience the finest things life has to offer.
Just some of our services include…
  • Lifestyle Concierge service available 24/7: events, tickets, holidays, shopping
  • Private jet & travel arrangements;
  • Private parties and Events on yachts;
  • Property management anywhere in the world: maintenance, cleaning, security.
  • Supercar Concierge: we help our clients build and manage a car collection. E.g. fleet management, international car shipping, track days, events…
  • Discrete Legal & Wealth Management.
  • Health & Wellbeing: we help our clients adopt a healthier lifestyle. E.g. hiring a Personal Trainer, dietitian, coach, personal chef.
  • Charity: the company can help clients support worthwhile causes that are close to their heart and ensure their donation provides maximum impact with minimal wastage.
The above lists just a few of the services the company provides. You can contact us via:
Tel: +44 (0)203 6000 659Email: info@luxurylifestyleexperts.com
LLE is not a firm to teach you How to Become Wealthy. Instead, it is an organisation that relies on its experience serving Billionaires and Royals. LLE can advise you on How to Stay Rich by investing wisely, ensuring that you are protected from those who intend to take advantage or provide products and services that are below the standards you deserve.