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Yacht management

Yachtside offers various types of management services depending on the type of vessel.
These include Commercial vessels, privately owned and operated vessels and non manned vessels and C.A.
It has been said that owning a yacht is similar to running a small business.
Whilst almost anyone can own a yacht, not everyone is capable or interested in the management of a yacht.
We offer professional yacht management to suit every yacht owners requirements.


Full yacht management

In this situation we take full responsibility for the management of the yacht.

This removes all administrative responsibilities from the Yacht owner.

This is a particurlaly useful system when dealing with commercial vessels.

This service includes everything from crew placement, re-fuelling, budgeting, accounting, administration and maintenance.

We create annual budgets and analyse expenses in order to manage the yacht as efficiently as possible.

Partial yacht management

Is a tailored management service designed in close connection with the yacht owner where we take responsibility for certain aspects of the yacht management.

We could be involved in selected operations such as crew payroll, technical support or administration, while leaving all other tasks to the captain or owner.

In addition to these management styles, we offer additional services to smaller yachts including:
  • Providing a qualified crew on board smaller yachts allowing them to maximise their time spent at sea.
  • Prepping the boat before the outing with beverages.
  • Fuelling.
  • A ssistance with docking on departure and arrival.
  • O vernight cleaning of towels and linens.
  • Winter maintenance including a monthly sea trial to ensure the yacht remains in optimum working condition.

Central agency charter management

Our Agency is an important presence in the yachting industry.

Using our ‘Full Management Strategy’ we are able to guarantee charter revenue to yacht owners.

An active listing on the MYBA network together with our innovative marketing strategies allow us to make this possible.  

Revenue Maximization
We will get your yacht the best rates & booking possible.
No Headaches, We take care of everything. The only thing you need to do is cash the money we send.

For further information regarding the management of your yacht, please contact us.